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How To Use Capcut Templates In Pc

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How To Use Capcut Templates In Pc

How To Use Capcut Templates In Pc. CapCut is a well-known video editing programme that provides a wealth of features and tools to aid users in producing beautiful videos. One of CapCut’s unique features is its library of templates, which offer pre-made elements for video editing such transitions, effects, text overlays, and filters. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to get you started using CapCut templates on a PC:

  1. First open Chrome.
Search here -

2. Click on Templates button. This is official site of capcut

click on templates -

3. There are many Templates with new ideas. And these all cetagories of Templates.

there are many templates with new ideas -

4. I opened a first Template and you can open Template on your choice.

i opened a first template and you can open template on your choice -

5. Read these Requires and what is in this Template.

Read these requires and what is in this template -

6. After reading these Requires. Click on Use this Template.

after reading these requires. Click on Use this Template -

7. Click on Media. For apply on Template

Click on media -

7. when open your template you will see some this type interface

when open your template you will see some this type interface -

8. you can drag and drop and you can click here and upload you media.

you can drag and drop and you can click here and upload you media -
after applying you videos click on Export -

This is a full guide for applying templates in pc. Just follow these steps learn and applying your templates.

  1. Install CapCut:
    • If CapCut has been released for PC, download and install the application on your computer following the official instructions.
  2. Launch CapCut:
    • Open the CapCut application on your PC.
  3. Create a new project:
    • Start a new project by clicking on the “New Project” or similar button within the CapCut interface.
  4. Browse templates:
    • Look for a templates section or tab within the CapCut interface. It might be labeled “Templates,” “Effects,” or something similar. Click on it to access the templates library.
  5. Select a template:
    • Browse through the available templates and select the one you like. You may be able to preview the templates before selecting them.
  6. Import media:
    • After selecting a template, you’ll likely have the option to import your own media files, such as photos, videos, or audio. Follow the on-screen instructions to import the necessary media.
  7. Customize the template:
    • Templates often come with pre-designed elements and placeholders. You can modify these elements to suit your needs. Edit text, replace images or videos, adjust timings, or apply additional effects as desired. The specific customization options will depend on the capabilities of the PC version of CapCut.
  8. Preview and export:
    • Once you’re satisfied with your modifications, preview the edited template to ensure everything looks the way you want it. Then, use the export or save feature in CapCut to generate the final video file on your PC.


  1. Can I use CapCut templates on a PC?
    • As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, CapCut was primarily designed as a mobile video editing application. However, it’s worth checking if an official PC version has been released. If a PC version is available, you can likely use CapCut templates on your computer.
  2. How do I install CapCut on my PC?
    • If there is a PC version of CapCut available, visit the official CapCut website or relevant app stores to download and install the software on your PC. Follow the provided instructions for a successful installation.
  3. Where can I find CapCut templates on the PC version?
    • Once you have CapCut installed on your PC, look for a designated section or tab within the application that provides access to the templates library. It might be labeled “Templates,” “Effects,” or something similar. Click on it to explore the available templates.
  4. Can I customize CapCut templates on my PC?
    • Yes, if CapCut templates are available on the PC version, you should be able to customize them according to your needs. Modify elements like text, images, timings, and apply additional effects to make the template fit your video project.
  5. Can I preview and export my edited CapCut template on PC?
    • Most likely, the PC version of CapCut would offer a preview feature, allowing you to review your edited template before finalizing it. Additionally, you should be able to export or save your edited template as a video file on your PC once you’re satisfied with the changes.

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